Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NOTM: Wet n Wild Wild Shine Wild Card

Whoa, that's a lot of "wild" in the title. :p

Ok, before I show you all the pictures, I must preface by saying that my nails are not in good shape right now. I have a lot of peeling (like on 8 nails right now) and I tend to pick at my nails if I don't have polish on. I'm bad, I know. It's the worst on my right index finger. The polish also bubbled a lot, especially on my poor right index finger, so it looks doubly bad. :( I reapplied it 3x and it just got worse with each application so I finally just let it go.

With that said, I really think this is a pretty polish and I hope that when I wear it again it will not bubble up on me. It's a mauvey, purple base with pretty pink shimmer. The pictures aren't exactly color accurate - the pink shimmer is brighter in real life.


outside in full sun

outside in shade
I used 3 coats here without any top coat. It already chipped a bit after a day at work, but because of all the bubbles, I wasn't really planning on wearing this for long anyway. :p
Ta-ta for now!

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