Sunday, January 23, 2011

"I hit the mother load!" haul

First, I just want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. It seems like the sun is never out when I need it to be anymore and when it is out my nails are a mess, so I haven't been able to get any pics of my recent manis. My nails are naked right now so unfortunately I don't have a NOTM post.

What I do have to share with you are some amazing buys that I happened upon yesterday. My mom and I stopped by a Harmon Discount yesterday to pick up some stuff and I just wandered over the nail polish. I haven't been inside a Harmon store in months and never really looked at their nail polish stock before, and boy, have I been missing out! They had a whole slew of OPI on clearance, including 3-4 shelves full of DS's!

I was good and only bought a few:

L-R: DS Royal, DS Exclusive, DS Glamour, Have You Seen My Limo? and Stars in My Eyes

I've never seen any of these in person before so it was pretty amazing to just happen upon them. Each one was only $3.97, including the duo. Woohoo!

I hope to have some nail posts up soon.

Ta-ta for now!

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  1. Lucky you! In Sweden they cost about $30 each for the DS polishes! Can you believe it?