Sunday, December 19, 2010

NOTM: Christmas Patchwork Mani

If you've ever read Chloe's Nails, then you're most likely familiar with the patchwork mani. This is my first time doing this type of nail design and I tried to follow her tutorial using the scotch tape, but I gave up halfway through. LOL. I used the tape for the red but the tape kept ripping when I removed it, thus smudging some of the lines. Then it took off a piece of the red when I did my first nail with the green polish, so I just did away with the tape and free-handed the rest of the green. It came out pretty good but obviously not as crisp as it would have if I used tape. I'm pretty happy with it for a first try though. Next time, I'll have to give it more time. I only had about an hour to pull this off, so I definitely rushed through it.

(These are the four best fingers. I'm not crazy about the way my index finger looks so I just left it out.)

A funny note: I tried to make each finger a little different but didn't put too much thought into it while actually doing my mani. After I completed all 10 fingers I compared them all and noticed that I had a different design on each finger, except I somehow managed to do the same design on both middle fingers. LOL)

I started with one coat of China Glaze Millenium, then used one coat Zoya Karina for the red. I must say Karina layered over Millinium is really pretty. Then I used 1 thick coat of BB Couture Clyde for the green. The green turned out darker than I wanted because it's layered over the red but it looks nice in well-lit areas. :p Then I put on one layer of Wet n Wild Dasher (from the Vixen's Mittens collection), which is just tiny holo glitter in a clear base, to tie it all together since the three polishes had different finishes.

It's definitely a festive mani and perfect for Christmas!

Ta-ta for now!

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