Thursday, August 19, 2010

NOTM: The Gray Anatomy of a Violet Slayer

LOL. Thank goodness I'm not responsible for naming polishes. :p

Today I have for you a mani that has both of the polishes I showed you in my last post - Wet n Wild Craze Buffy the Violet Slayer and Gray's Anatomy. I couldn't decide which one to wear so I decided to wear both!


outside shade

outside sunlight

These 2 polishes could not have been any different in regards to application. It's amazing that they're from the same brand let alone the same collection. I was a bit worried about the large cap and short, stubby brush length, but that really wasn't an issue. The problem was that Buffy was incredibly thin and I had apply to 4 coats to get it opaque and truthfully, I probably could have done 1-2 more coats because I still see some bald/thin spots. Gray's Anatomy was almost perfect in one coat but I did 2 just to be safe. It does show some brushstrokes but I'm ok with that.

Both of these are pretty polishes inside but they really shine under full sunlight. Inside Gray's Anatomy is a metallic silver, but under the sun, it really shimmers and there are small blue/teal shimmers throughout. Inside, Buffy is a pretty purple with reddish pink shimmer visible but under the sun, there's also some blue shimmer visible. The shimmer reminds me of OPI Purple with a Purpose. I took close-ups to try to show you what I'm talking about. Both pictures are clickable.

Because of the application issues, I don't know that I'll be using Buffy too often, especially since I have other more pigmented purples with red and blue shimmer. I'll definitely be using Gray's Anatomy again though. I'm so glad I picked it up just based on the name. It's actually a really pretty polish, at least to me. :)

Ta-ta for now!


  1. Maybe Buffy would work as a layering polish? I wonder what it would look like over black? :D

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Ice Queen. I'll definitely have to try layering if I ever decide to wear it again. 4+ coats is just way too many.

  3. great blog! keep it up! thanks for entering my giveaway