Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Victoria Nail Supply Haul

Hi everyone! I'm still alive. LOL. Here's the polishes that I ordered from VNS a couple of weeks ago.

The glass-flecks: Watermelon Rind, Grape Juice, Endurance

More glass-flecks: Caribbean Blue, Blue Island Iced Tea

The pinks/purples: Lasso My Heart, Pink Underground, Sprinkles, Stella

The metallics/stamping polishes: Adore, Harmony, Admire, Millenium

The Orlys: Cashmere Cardigan and Pixie Dust

I love all the polishes and can't wait to work my way through them all. Right now I'm wearing Stella with a butterfly image stamped with Harmony. :)

Ta-ta for now!


  1. Great haul ^_^ that's a really good selection of polishes!